Featured Speakers

Dr. Robert Williams, Astronomer

"Why It's Mission Critical To Take Risks"
Director, Hubble Deep Field Project

Matt McGee, Editor-In-Chief, Search Engine Land

"The Evolving State of SEO"

Evan Fishkin, Program Manager 2, MSN at Microsoft

"Schema.org & How It Impacts Your Organic Rankings"

Now is the perfect time of year to refresh your ideas, set goals, retool with the latest technologies, and realize your online store’s full potential. Kick start that process at MIVACON 2014. In just 2 power-packed days, you’ll gain content-rich, actionable information geared specifically for B2B and B2C storeowners, while peer-networking with fellow storeowners from beginners to experts. Meet face-to-face with over 2 dozen exhibitors who are all ecommerce specialists eager to help grow and improve your business.

This is the 14th annual MIVACON, making it the longest-running ecommerce event of its kind, and for good reason. It respects your time, with a 2-day format that lets you quickly, selectively get what you need for your business. It respects your intelligence with hard-hitting keynotes and breakouts by big-name experts and trailblazers of the industry. And it respects your wallet, by providing all of these valuable resources at an unbelievably low price. In fact this year, PayPal has generously offered to pay 70% of registration fees for anyone who registers for MIVACON by February 28th, 2014. It’s an opportunity you simply can't afford to miss!

Some Compelling Reasons to Attend MIVACON 2014

  • Hone your expertise with content-focused courses for storeowners of all levels.
  • Learn current industry best practices, and practical solutions to problems currently faced by ecommerce storeowners.
  • Drill down into your areas of interest, from SEO, conversion optimization, and PPC advertising, to online sales tax, strategic planning, and CEO coaching to name just a few.
  • Preview the latest ecommerce trends and game-changing technology.
  • Get advice and real-life solutions from industry professionals.
  • Trade stories, ideas, and strategies with other storeowners.
  • Enjoy 2 days of fabulous “winter” weather at the Hyatt Regency La Jolla; stay an extra day to explore beautiful San Diego

Are you a web developer who builds stores for a living? We've got you covered, too, with topics like:

  • Saving time and Optimizing Your Workflow for Web Developers
  • Web Developer Roadmap for Miva Merchant
  • Advanced JavaScript for Miva Merchant
  • Enterprise Integration Planning

Select from Key Topics such as These:

  • Developing a Strategic Plan for Your Online Business
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Social Communities
  • Product Listing Ads: The Secret Side of PPC Advertising
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Google Analytics for Store Owners
  • 2014 Ecommerce Best Practices
  • Saving Time and Optimizing Workflow for Web Developers
  • Shipping Best Practices
  • Online Sales Tax in 2014


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